Panel Assembly Robot

Williams Robotics, LLC is developing robotic systems that build homes. Our first product constructs stud walls. The robot can be deployed to Structural Building Component manufacturers. It can also be configured to operate at the home site to produce stud walls on demand in a “stick built” fashion. A functional prototype of the system is up and running in Burlington, North Carolina. It will be a game changer.

We are actively seeking Alpha and Beta Test partners.



  • 1 operator
  • 2 wall-feet per minute
  • 16' x 9' stud wall capable
  • Builds rough openings in place
  • Automatically reconfigurable clamping system
  • Automatically reprogrammed robot guidance

Covered by patent numbers 8,185,240, 8,606,399, and 591,336 (NZ), 2,735,144(CA), 2009285754(AU), 2621691(EP)

* All specifications subject to change at manufacture’s discretion.